To the ones I lost on my way

I’m tired of building.
The castle of rage.
I am lost in
it’s maze of passages,
That always leads me
To the room where
I am not welcomed.
The throne isn’t just
as comfortable as
The walls inside
Echoes my mistakes,
And terrible decisions.
I look fine, but the mirror
On the walls reflects me bruised.
And the ceiling upon me
hooked the chandelier,
That clink the conflicts
I created.

So now,
I am unfolding the
Limbs of grudges.
And will let the air fill
The voids in my heart.
Though, forgiveness is hard to find,
But if it even has it’s hut,
I want to live in it for the rest
Of my life.

@Farhan Shyk

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

©2020 by Farhan Shaikh