Tips for beginners

Hey guys, today I'll be sharing some tips for writing which every beginner should count in. As I have completed 5 years in this field, I think I qualify for sharing my own experiences from the start till now. Today I'm sharing you 6 crucial tips that every new writers should follow. 1: Be a writing writer: most of the people call themselves a writer and write one poetry or an article in a week. this won't work for you as a writer. one should write daily (be a haiku, quote, or a journal). a writer will never stop writing because that's what makes him/her a writer. 2-Improve : once you have adapted the daily habit of writing. don't stop there. why do you want to stop at something you really love doing? Try to improve, read other writer's work, learn what they write, and how they write. you can't just write everyday and post it on Instagram and then your ask your friends to share it, or they'll share just to show some support. You have to improve, because there is no perfection out there, there is only improvements and being a writer you should always look for writing better than your last piece. 3-Know your Content: It's been five years now since I have started writing and I did not stop writing or evolving myself in it. This is the one thing that I personally experienced and still do and that is to knowing my content. For example : if you are writing a poem, no one else but you will know what you just wrote, and whether it will warm your audience's heart or not. be it a poetry or a short story, you will know what you just wrote. so be honest to yourself, if you feel that your article is missing something, believe it and try completing the void. 4-Conclude it in one-sit: This applies specifically to short stories, there are people who love to write short stories and the one common mistake many writers do while writing a short story is: they don't do it one sit, they complete half today and then they vanish from the front of their keyboard for next 24 hours, or in some cases, forever. Try to complete you short story in one sit, this will only let the rhythm of the story to sustain it's charm. 5-criticism : Critics are the major part in being a writer. when I first started writing I joint a writers community website where there were writers from all around the world. and that site was filled with some great writers and believe me I got criticism so many times. some people have me torn my t-shirt. but I applied the changes and moved on, and that's how I learned a lot a still learning. now one thing you need to know that criticism comes from being in you akin background. if you are amongst the writers, criticism will come. and if you are among the writers and nobody is criticizing you to improve your work then you might as well not among some good writers. Because good writers will always come forth with their experiences and they will share it with you, because they have been there and they know what helps at that stage. not every criticism is harsh, most of the times they are constructive. so if you feel offended, take that offence as a solid foundation and build your best version of a writer on that. most of the people stop writing because of criticism, some don't care, and there are many people who think the criticizing writers showing themselves as superior. it's nonsense. you, you have seniors everywhere, in school, colleges and so you will have them here, so take the guide or offence but do apply the changes that your content that needed to be. this is how you improve. 6- Face the Fear: Well it's true I they, 'there's always someone better than you'. most people don't like this fact. but with their denial the fact does not change. You have to swallow this in your guts that there is someone out there doing better than you, some might not know or met them yet, and some did. and I have always come across to the type of people who did meet someone better writer than them. I have observed that most of them creates envy from them, they just don't like to accept the fact about that other person being better. People always thing that they themselves are better, now, it is not a bad mind-set is what I'm saying. Because, thinking you are the best can be very productive mind-set you can build. but for that you need to have that level of content. Number 3 applies here a bit. You know that your content is nowhere near the best and yet you think you are the best then you may have just blocked your own path from growing. So instead steaming your envy for them, just think someone so better than you is someone you know and that can also make you learn easily and faster. push the negative thoughts away and allow the force that will grow you to come in.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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