I remember looking at you for the first time, your lips flexed and your eyes spoke, your cheeks went pink and your hairs stirred in the air of dreams and dust.

Though my tongue remained unmoved but my eyes peeped inside yours. I still hate that I let the moment slipped down my hands. it wasn't love though, It was something that is still underrated.... crushed…..beneath the feet’s of love.

but time always come up with different plans, and somehow our friendship grew. It grew faster than the sunflower and glowed prettier than the sun.

I remember, days and nights, we having our sweet and sour fights.

you teasing me for my pimples and I shot back on your restrained height.

During the drizzling period of texts and calls, we were the ones who conversed in letters,

and then deciding on the next day of school, whether was it yours or my swirls on paper were better.

The routes you asked me to take while we walked back home, weren't as plain as others liked them to be.

I picked the rough ones, because I knew you liked to kick the stones out, and make your own way.

The days I spent along with you, felt like an adventure book, which I wrote, but the protagonist has always been you. for a long time we breathed the same air. chased the same glares, and if course, how can I forget the nights when the life looked grey and black to me. You stole the colours from the rainbows and filled them in my eyes. The we go on our hunt on catching the fireflies.

but as I said before 'time always come up with different plans'.

Somehow my mistakes and misleading, the ice I had in me, gave me the cold and parted the air that we shared on our route, parted in two different ways. you went on to yours, chasing the fireflies, and I went on mine, reluctantly with the rays of memories. though I turned back many times, but you weren't anywhere to be seen,

I saw you have kicked all your stones and I was still weaving between them for a long time.

I hate not stopping you earlier, and letting the moment slipped down my hands once more.

I still remember and recall all your dreams you shared with me.

Pushing my sleep to wait, I still wonder, if the nights you sleep in remained same or time had dragged you into it's another twist.

Have you crowned your head with the stars yet? or the clouds appeared and hid them somewhere behind them?

It hurts a little, to go on the route and wait which we shared,

gives a lurch in heart, when you don't show up.

I saw you smiling many times, but never for me.

I saw you walking many times, but with someone else.

I knew how much you loved kicking stones out of your way, but I never thought one day I'd be one of those stones.

I wish you’d be here, while I am broke, wish you’d come out of thin air and tell some of your lame jokes, to turn my giggles Into laughter, to turn these empty pages in a chapter.

@Farhan Shyk

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