The Last Cup of Coffee

by Farhan Shyk

Underneath the uncounted stars, and in between the crowded streets there I was, walking alone in the New York streets at 12.30 A.M. I was hoping that this day would last longer than every other for two reasons, first it was my birthday, second I have to move Chicago in the morning for a new Job, which I hate. So I was out there reliving the memories of all the time I’ve been here. Somewhere inside I felt good to move Chicago, to start a new life. But what if I get one good reason to stay in New York, Maybe a girl or at least one good friend, but I had none. I took a cab and it stops me by the coffee house, I felt a great pinch in my stomach, it was the same coffee house where I’ve first met this beautiful girl I was in love with, Tracy. For a second I ignored the pinch

and rushed to enter but left the ajar. I saw the James (who worked there as a waiter) he waved me and I waved back unconsciously. Hundreds of memories flashed through my head as I looked inside. I remembered the first coffee I bought to Tracy, and the last. Of course the last one did not taste well. Therefore I had a huge pullover before entering the café. Defeated by Tracy’s memories I did not enter, and began to head back home. But as soon as I started walking “Hey, Ted” called James. I turned back and saw him ascending towards me. “Is everything okay?” I told him about the breakup and how rough time it has been for me to not want to move Chicago but have to, and so being a friend he hugged me. “It’s going to be alight’ Ted.” Said James. I smiled. “It’s okay, I guess we have to let go of good things in exchange for a better to happen”. I said. “By the way the last time I was in the coffee house I left my umbrella it was yellow, did you find it” “I did not find it” James shrugged. “Though I am getting married next month you are invited, but I hope you do not come alone Ted” he left. It has been a tough week for me, although I wanted one good reason not to leave New York. But all I had on that was my friends best birthday wishes a hug and lily’s (my best friend) consoling words as usual “you’ll be fine Ted. Just start a new life and you will also find The one who you will share your vows with. Hold on to this someone might be looking for you”. I did not believed her, in fact I’ve started to lose the rope of the hope that I may never come across the one with whom I’ll share my life, my ups, my downs, my home, and my children. Because till now I have been fallen in love a few times and failed miserably, I was unable to find a perfect match or a sign of a certain person who could be perfect for me. I got back home and started my final packing. I transferred my furniture and checked my room where me and Tracy had bunch of good times, this was the place where me and my friends used to hang out. So I was saying goodbye to more than one person’s memories. I sat beside the window and saw the cars rushing on the streets for the last time, I was hearing the noise of New York and its people. It never looked this beautiful, as if stars has come down on street. And it felt that I’ve just sat down to sleep when I was shaken awake by a horrible dream. The Sun flashed its calm rays to my eyes, I took a look at my watch it was 8 In the morning, and I still had 6 more hours to aboard my flight which I don’t want to aboard. I went down for a walk and to have some breakfast, and the last night in New York felt like a dream that I will always remember. It was a strange vibe I was feeling walking down the streets, I was not morose anymore, and despite I only have 6 hours left in the city. It all started to feel same and once again I came across the same café. It was crowded with few empty seats left, I had a thought of having my one last cup of coffee there, but again I hesitated to move inside the café, then I saw James who worked there, he waved me and called me in, back and forth I entered the café and he welcomed me with a hug. “Came here for your last cup of coffee, did you Ted”. I nodded. James settled me on a seat and went for my coffee, I did a quick scan in the café and saw a couple sitting to the left corner where I and Tracy used to sit, and unsurprisingly it did make me sad. I moved my eyes towards the right corner which witnessed my old lost yellow umbrella leaned on a woman’s thigh, I was pretty sure it was mine which I lost a week ago. I can see a woman sitting alone with my umbrella, tapping her fingers on the table, it seemed she was waiting for her coffee to arrive. Her black hairs were crashed on her left shoulder. She turned towards me and my dark eyes were leveled with her wide blue pairs. She curved a smile which made my heart missed a beat. I smiled back. I started wondering, Should I go and talk to her? I even got an umbrella to talk about! I held my guts and walked to her table. “Hey, I am Ted” I said. “Hey Ted, I am Daisy” we shook hands. “Please have a seat”. “Well, the same umbrella, I lost here a week ago, so I was wondering that if thi- She cracked a laugh. “-Then this must be yours Ted. I found it here on the left corner a week ago” she gave it to me. As soon as I held that umbrella I notice the undying beauty peeking from her eyes, and I could not resist myself from asking. “Would you like a cup of coffee, it’s on me” I said. She smiled and nodded. And my friend James gave me a good luck Nod. We had our coffee and some wonderful laughs which I’ve failed to experience in last few days. I may had got the reason to stay. And when we moved out of the café I felt God’s blessing disguised in a fresh wind kissing my face. And somewhere inside I had a hunch that this was the start of something new, of which I never had a clue I went for my last cup of coffee but had my first with her.

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