Midnight Talks

So I am here again, laid crunching the grass beneath me, in the twilight just on the time you asked me to. and as you said, I did not came through the gate, I jumped over the barred fence and sneaked in from right under the nose of the snoring watchman whom you would have said 'slept without admiring the tempting beauty of the night'.

There was nobody to be seen across the park, I am alone just as you wanted. beholding the stars just as you wished. the guard has woken up and he saw me lying here, but don't you worry, he won't say anything. He knows this is the only time and place where we meet and talk. Let me tell you how was my day before you ask. As usual I slept most of the hours and missed my class. but in that hours of sleep, I had a wonderful dream, I saw us sneaking in the park for the very first time. when you forced me to lie down beside you, and had me watch you talking to the stars.

I remember you telling me that how when a person dies he or she becomes a star. I laughed at that and made fun of you, I told you this would be a good plot to write a story on. and then you punched me in my ribs complaining about how awful I write, confessing, that you never liked my endings and that it always ends in a heartbreak, and cursed my characters, who are are either carrying some burden on their backs or wearing a tiara of sorrows. and then I promised to write a happy one someday. I also asked God in that dream to turn these numbered days with you into Infinite, and turn this concept of life and death into something exquisite., and this tragic in a magic, But he remained mum on my wishes, instead he turned flames into fire, and his need in a dire. Perhaps we both adored you in a same way, that’s why, maybe he bereaved you from me.

I only felt like just fallen asleep when my mom shook me awake, and in that 'just' I had lived a lot. she was one step away from kicking me. she forced me to go and attend my class, but I didn't. she also said to stop waiting for you to join me in the class ever again. Should I?. Because any day spent without you in class made me feels like a stranded sailor in the seven seas. and I cannot imagine sitting on a bench knowing you won't sit beside me anymore. So I came here, just as you said. You said, this is the place where I'll find you. and I am looking right at you, do you see me? i am sure you are the one who is twinkling brighter today.

I have also written that story I promised. and in this one, hearts don't break. and word 'death' does not exist. in this you are still here with me and not among those stars, I can smell your scent and feel your kiss, lips tasting lighter than the air.. and In this story, the weight on the backs of my character has unfolded into wings, just how you wanted it to be, and I don’t put tiara on their heads anymore, I give them the crown.

@Farhan Shyk

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