Does Rhyming is necessary for a Poem?

I myself loves writing poetries, I remember myself when I didn't used to write the poems but only to read them. and I used to feel like "oh wow! this is something I am feeling or wanna say" yess! that is correct, everybody feels the words of a writer.

And poem includes the verses which is something readers wants to say to someone or what they feel, that is how they begins to like poetries. But there are some readers out there who kept asking "why don't you rhyme?". A good question.

And the answer is simple. Rhyming is not necessary for a poetry, or for songs or a rap lyrics. there is a version of it called 'free verse writing' which does not follow the rules of rhyme and rhythm but still produces an artistic expression.

yes Rhyme does makes reading beautiful, but a writer will never force his/her work to be rhymed. Maybe you've heard this songs rhyme and you've liked it but not all the lyrics contains rhyming.

So I'd you are looking to write your own poetry then start writing, and don't waste your time if you can't find a good rhyme.

Free verse writing is around for hundreds of years., and that too makes a good poetry.

By Farhan Shaikh.

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