Update on Debut Novel

I have been working on my debut novel uninterruptedly since last 60 days and I must say these enforced isolation have been very helpful in focusing on what is best for the story and to my readers. I am enjoying the story i am writing and the one book won't finish it therefore I have planned a series of five books to complete the entire story.

I have completed a new chapter 3 days a ago and another past week, though it still doesn't mean that the book will be completed imminently, as I have a long way to go through all other legal proceedings to publish it. my characters are the favourite part of mine in the story and I have to proceed calmly in order to grant them the justice they deserve.

Keep checking the blog for more updates and excuse me for now, Braern is calling me, he needs my help figuring out what is wrong in the city of dragons.

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