Bene U?

I was never good at soccer, yet I loved playing and naïve me, I never learned to tie my shoelaces. I usually used to tripped over my own shoelaces. Nobody ever gave me the hand to jump back on my feet, but then this one day, a sugar melted voice crashed into my ears. “Bene u?” she said, these were the first words she had said to me, on my that one day of school. It was obvious I didn’t know what it means, neither did I ask her, gazing at my puzzled face, she showered her rail of giggles.

“It means, are you okay?” she added. I didn’t reply any sooner. How could I? I was struggling to find my way back out of her breath-taking beauty, the beauty which made the ground go airless. “Yes” I cracked finally. It was hard not to look in her ebony eyes, so I left and since that day, I had tripped over hundreds of times, but the luck was not fair to me again. I bunked the classes, just to see if she was really that beautiful or it was just my eyes that beheld something it wanted.

In the world full of roses, she was a wildflower, pure and untamed. See this was the difference between her and others. Where everyone was trying to fit and fold into the boxes, she captive herself in cocoon, while we all were in the race of running first and fast, she was glancing up in the endless sky, refusing the limits of how high she could go. she had some unending dreams in her teardrops and carved in her arc of smile was my smile. I had already seen this future with her, but it stayed blur. Never occurred clear to me. I thought thousand times a day, posed hundreds in an hour in practice of how to tell her that she was the morning mist in which I was willing to go deeper and to go lost and then one day, I finally decided to tell her what she meant to me. That day missed dozens of trains just to catch the one in which she used to travel, but she didn’t board that day, nor on the next and neither on the day after next. This far has already kissed my bones when I heard that she moved out from the city. My moment slipped away.

Years passed and I had stopped thinking about her. Not entirely, the pinch of pain I felt that day still lurch me a little. Maybe I could feel a little bit more, but the rush in my blood has changed. The clock on my wrist had me alarmed always about how my boss would half my salary if I were late. One way or the other I had managed to fit into the box that curled me and stiffed my muscles but I hadn’t forgotten her completely. On the holidays, apart from rest I still give a little respect to her fleeting memory, and that blurred future I had seen with her which evaporated from teardrops. Thinking She might be somewhere moving, unstopped and unsettled like that butterfly she dreamt to be. I am afraid if she had lost her colours! She wouldn’t, would she? The night was on the edge of becoming an enticing one but the alarm strikes once again and the moment slipped away one more time.

Unfinished bread in my mouth and untied tie hung on my neck. I ran, throwing one leg after another, oops! I forgot to tie my shoelaces again. I had just managed to crossed the street and


I tripped over my shoelaces again, I swam my face and saw there was no one in that rushing crowd to help me getting back to my feet. Then cutting out of thin air came a sugar melted voice, she had her hand stretched to me. “Bene u?” she said and smiled.

@Farhan Shyk

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