The Full Story

Like many others, I was too pushed by a heartbreak to go on writing.

though at first I did not had a hunch of having a true writer inside me but as the clock kept orbiting, I became sure that there is something inside me that needs to come out.

later on I joint a community website where I did not get a good response and reviews from people, but as once a wise man said "never give up" I kept writing, and soon it became like breathing to me. I never thought I would get positive reviews on the same site where I was neglected, but i did. and that led me towards more. in 2017 I learned more about creative writing in Xavier institute of Communication, Mumbai. And In 2018 I got published in US Writers Digest. And in June my poem and a Short story will be published in an anthology book. but that is definitely not all of it. I am working on a fantasy adventure book and for that I want my audience to be connected with.


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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